Services / Projects

Operational Analysis

Operational analyses have been conducted in jurisdictions as diverse functionally and geographically as the City of Norfolk, Virginia Judicial System, the Tarrant County, Texas Judicial System, and the State of Hawaii. Whether the goal has been to provide caseload management or delay reduction, to develop a new program to improve court efficiency and public service, or to reduce violent crime in a targeted jurisdiction, the emphasis has been on objectivity, consensus-building, and successful implementation.

JPA has also developed a comprehensive volume on courthouse security planning in order to fill a distinct methodological vacuum. The volume, entitled Courthouse Security Planning: Goals, Measures, and Evaluation Methodology, relates security to specific goals and objectives. Court facilities can be scored, the value of incremental improvements can be quantified, and cost/benefit analysis can be conducted to determine the most beneficial measures for a facility, and their relative value to the Jurisdiction.


  • Caseload Management / Delay Reduction

  • Courthouse Security Evaluation and Planning

  • General Operational Planning

Selected Projects

Norfolk Caseload Management Plan Portsmouth Caseload Management Plan Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court – Operating Models
  • Charleston County, SC - Government Services Consolidation Study
  • City of Norfolk, VA - Civil & Criminal Caseflow Management Plans
  • City of Norfolk, VA - Court Fines and Fees Revenue Analysis
  • City of Portsmouth, VA - Criminal Case Management Plan
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts - Statewide Security Seminar
  • Commonwealth of Virginia - Circuit Court Case Management Seminar
  • Commonwealth of Virginia - J&DR Court Case Management Seminar
  • Cuyahoga County, OH – Move Management Assistance
  • Dallas County, TX - Fine / Fee Payment Restructuring Plan
  • Erie County, OH - Courthouse Security Analysis
  • Hennepin County, MN - Facility Alternatives Study
  • Mecklenburg County, NC – Courthouse Security Staffing Plan
  • Metro Nashville, TN – General Sessions Court Docketing Plan
  • Metro Nashville, TN - Interim Court Locations Move Management
  • Metro Nashville, TN – Night Court Analysis
  • Palm Beach County, FL - Court Consolidation Analysis
  • Ramsey County, MN - Courthouse Security Analysis
  • Richland County, SC - Pre-Trial Release Program Development
  • State of Delaware - New Castle County Courthouse Move Management Assistance
  • State of Hawaii - Family and Juvenile Court Operations Analysis
  • State of Hawaii - First District Court Operations Analysis
  • State of Minnesota - Statewide Security Seminar
  • State of South Carolina - Juvenile Detention Standards Development
  • State of South Carolina - Violent Crime Reduction Project
  • Tarrant County, TX - Criminal Court Delay Reduction Plan
  • York County, SC - Centralized Bond / Traffic Court Study